Kayla Adams

Kids’ Club Instructor/Birthday Party Coordinator

Kayla began her affiliation with Millie Lewis over 7 years ago when she came to us as a student in our Teen program.   That Christmas gift from her parents was, she said, the best gift she has ever received.   The experience was so enjoyable, Kayla continued through our Advanced and Professional Modeling programs while attending college.  Four years ago, she became an instructor in our Kids’ Club program and a Millie Lewis Birthday Party coordinator for children and teens.

A graduate of North Greenville University, Kayla holds a BS degree in interdisciplinary studies including biology and education, and is now teaching middle school as well as at Millie Lewis.  Kayla believes that her classes at Millie Lewis helped her achieve success during her college years and now in everyday life.  It’s that background, along with her passion and enthusiasm, which can benefit every student who has the privilege of participating in her classes.

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