Shelly Massey

Pro Kids & Advanced Instructor

Shelly is an upstate native and has been with Millie Lewis for more than 27 years!  As a young adult, she attended all the classes that Millie Lewis offered and modeled in the Greenville area.  We were so impressed with Shelly, that once she completed the courses, we asked her to train  to become an instructor in the Kids’ Club program.  Since then, she has also taught in the Teen program and is currently teaching the Pro Kids and Advanced Modeling classes. Her love for children is evidenced, too, by her involvement in her church, where she has taught fifth and sixth grade girls for more than ten years.

Shelly has a true gift for working with children and endeavors to touch their lives in any positive way she can.  She appreciates what Millie Lewis has done for her, and wants to continue to teach young girls and adults the importance of loving yourself from the inside out.

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