Millie Lewis offers courses for kids, teens and adults that provide students with the tools to develop their potential in their personal, business and educational lives. Our small, intimate classes focus on personal development, building self-esteem and self-confidence through instruction in visual poise, wardrobing, hair care, skincare, makeup, social graces/etiquette, and voice/diction. The basics of runway, photography and television modeling are also included. Our programs for kids and teens include discussion of appropriate use of social media, dealing with bullies, and so much more. In addition to our basic personal development courses, we offer advanced and professional modeling training, as well as acting seminars for beginners and experienced actors of all ages.

We also offer:

  • Corporate & private seminars/business etiquette/wardrobing/verbal communications
  • Private pageant prep sessions for children and teens
  • Birthday parties for children and teens
  • Ashlyn T.
    You have no idea how thankful I am for all you have done for me. I'm very grateful for everything and I already miss you and everyone else in the class. Hopefully we can still work together in the future.
    Ashlyn T.
  • Tammie R.
    My daughter recently finished up your Professional Class.  I wanted to let you know she was recently in her first-ever pageant (Miss Freshman Class Beauty).  Out of 12 girls, she placed 1st runner up.  There was actually a tie between her and the winner, who was an experienced pageant girl. We were very proud.  Her experience at Millie Lewis helped her so much with poise and confidence.  Thank you.
    Tammie R.
  • Donna O.
    Just wanted to give you an update on Leah O. one of your past students. She is doing very well. She is attending USC of Columbia and doing very well. She carries herself as a gracious beautiful young lady. She has a double Major in English and Theater. She is casted in a play there at USC. The play is called "almost, Maine". She is so excited! I'm sure that some of the training she received from Millie Lewis had a great impact on her on her success. I am so glad that she attended your school. Thank you.
    Donna O.
  • Misty S.
    I had the pleasure of meeting you back in 1979 when I walked into Millie Lewis to sign up for summer classes. You sat with me and my Mom on the couch in the waiting area and talked with me for a while. I was 14. Thank you so very much for what your school taught an awkward 14-year-old.
    Misty S.
  • Tracey B.
    Thank you for what you have done for my daughter's confidence level!!! It is amazing how much she has grown in two classes and I am so excited to so what else she does after the next class she takes. Thank you for what you do!
    Tracey B.
  • Latrale G.
    I wanted to Thank You for all you are doing for Madalyn! You have been a blessing to all of us and you are very much appreciated. She is getting so much self-confidence, that a young girl needs in this day and time. As a parent, I trust you and appreciate you and all you do at Millie Lewis. It is more than a modeling school.... So much more... Again Thanks to you and All at Millie Lewis.
    Latrale G.
  • Kimberly N.
    I just want you to know I found some of my old pictures from when I first started taking classes at Millie Lewis! Thank you for teaching me how to model! And also how to do my hair and make-up! and eye brows! Because some of that was just bad! I have improved so much over the years and a lot of that has to do with you! Thank you so much!
    Kimberly N.
  • Annie G.
    Gigi just loved her experience in the Kids’ Club program. She is counting the days until she can return for the next session of classes!
    Annie G.
  • Amy A.
    The classes at Millie have introduced our daughter to all kinds of new things and friends and she looks forward to her classes each week. It is truly an awesome feeling as parents to see your daughter so confident and self-assured. It makes our hearts "smile". So we just want to say "Thank You".
    Amy A.
  • Amy A.
    My daughter has been doing pageants for about a year and has always done well but since we met with your instructor, Kelly, for our last pageant we have seen a HUGE difference in our daughter's confidence and presence on stage. It's like she knows and feels that she is going to do great. She has an awesome attitude about herself and what she is trying to accomplish and she strives to do her best. We credit this to her one on one time with Kelly and her classes at Millie. Kelly has really been a wonderful cheerleader for her and she has thrived with that. She wants to make her proud each time. We can't thank Kelly enough for the time she spent with us that week.
    Amy A.
  • Colleen P.
    We are thrilled with the experience our daughter had at Millie Lewis. We initially bought her the summer camp package last summer for her birthday to help give her some hair and make-up confidence. She has loved all three courses so much and it has been the perfect thing to give her that "boost" she has needed during a very difficult year! Thanks again for all you do. We are so thankful our daughter had the opportunity to be mentored by your staff.
    Colleen P.
  • Gabrielle P.
    I wanted to say that because of my classes at Millie Lewis, I have become more confident in myself. Thank you for giving us girls that opportunity!
    Gabrielle P.
  • Amy J.
    I wanted to say thank you to you and the Millie Lewis personnel for hosting such an amazing birthday party.  Everyone had a fabulous time and talked about what a well planned/executed party it was.  Could not have done it without the help of your spectacular staff. Thanks so much.
    Amy J.
  • Gena H.
    After the very first class at Millie Lewis, my teenager came home beaming!! She announced to us to pay attention to her and not the tv. She had lots to show and tell from her first class. She showed us how to enter and exit a room, walk on a runway, pick up a dropped object, sit in a chair, and more. She is so happy and loves, loves, loves the class. Thank you for being great mentors.
    Gena H.
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